Clinical studies clearly prove the effectiveness of Alertex® products in reducing the level of household dust allergens.

The tests have been carried out by a team of professors and doctors at independent research institutions*. The scientists focused on the most popular in Poland and worldwide species of allergenic mites – Dermatophagoides farinae and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus. The majority of patients who are allergic to household dust have an allergic reaction to these species of mites. Places with the highest concentration of these mites include usually bedrooms, upholstered furniture, and carpets. The ability of these antigens to cause an allergy may be associated with an increased permeability of the respiratory tract mucous membrane, which is the source of most of allergy symptoms.
The scientists looked into the number of mites in the vacuum cleaner dust bag with an output dust. 40 antigen level tests were performed. The scientists have demonstrated that Alertex® effectively neutralises and removes allergens when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A clear degree of improvement was seen after a single use. Additionally, comparative tests were carried out to compare Alertex® with competing products. All tests have shown the highest efficiency of Alertex®.
During the study, the scientists highlighted the fact that elimination of mites from the allergy-sufferer living space is an important preventive action, which allows leading a normal life. Particular attention should be paid to carpets (especially shaggy carpets), as they are one of the major habitats of allergens.

*Non-public Health Care Centre of Allergology in Łódź and the Laboratory for Medicines, Cosmetics and Foodstuffs Testing in Katowice.

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