Allergies become a widespread issue in the society. About 100 million people is allergic to household dust mites. In Poland, dust mite antigens cause allergy in as many as 450 thousand people. This phenomenon may be associated with modern lifestyle (highly processed foods, insufficient exercise, sterile environment) and air pollution. Proneness to allergies may, however, also be inherited with genes. If the parents are allergic to a specific substance, there is a high probability that their descendant will come into the world with the same condition.

Medical sources define allergy as a state of body hypersensitivity due to the action of allergens. Our antibodies that are located in the respiratory tract, skin, and intestines, exhibit excessive reaction in the presence of a particular substance. Eliminating allergy symptoms may go in two directions. On one hand, we can block histamine receptors, which are responsible for the abnormal immune system response to certain factors. This however, requires pharmacological treatment. On the other hand, we can eliminate allergens from our environment. Then, we will naturally get rid of ailments that are usually associated with the contact with an antigen.

Elimination of the sensitising factor from the environment is often a very difficult task. In particular when it is an integral part of the living space of each of us. Such a situation occurs for household dust mites, pollen, often animal hair. The first of these allergens was discovered only in 1964, which represented a real breakthrough in allergology. It turned out that the faeces of microscopic spiders, which are present in every nook of our house, are the main cause of symptoms of thousands of allergy sufferers.

Current state of knowledge, however, allows for more effective elimination of allergens from the environment. Products such as Alertex® Spray, Alertex® Atomizer, Alertex® washing capsules, and Alertex® washing additive are specifically intended for this purpose.

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