Diagnose the problem

If you are unsure whether the problem of inhalant allergy to household dust concerns you, observe the symptoms. The most common symptoms include runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing attacks, conjunctivitis, dry and stubborn cough, headache and problems with concentration. They are permanent in nature, and become more severe usually in the morning.

Do the test

A diagnostic tool used in case of inhalant allergies is skin tests. The tests must be done by an allergologist after at least 7-day break in taking antihistamines. The test is non-invasive and involves application to the skin on the arm or back of suspensions containing allergens.

Do not panic!

Inhalant allergy does not prevent normal functioning. Today, thanks to specialised preparations like Alertex®, this is much easier than it used to. You do not have to put in a superhuman effort into cleaning. Appropriate products and a few simple rules will allow you to completely eliminate the symptoms.

Bet on minimalism

A minimalist interior design is not only fashionable, but – for allergy sufferers – also good for health. Therefore, store small appliances and bric-a-bracs in the cabinets. The same applies to books. Avoid open shelves and put them in a cabinet with glass doors. The less surfaces on which dust can accumulate, the better.

Take care about the climate

Household dust allergens accumulate more easily in high temperature and humidity. Therefore, do not overheat your home, which also can adversely affect our respiratory system. An optimum temperature should not exceed 20°C, and the humidity level should remain at the level of 55-60%.

Protect your bedroom

Bedroom is usually the warmest place at home. Also mites like it. Therefore, once every 6 months use Alertex® Spray or Alertex® Atomizer on your mattresses. Replace bed linen made of natural fabrics with its synthetic equivalent. Wash it every 7-10 days using Alertex® washing additive or Alertex® washing capsules. This will make you sleep peacefully.

Use prevention

Do not ignore your symptoms! Prevent them using appropriate products and folowing simple rules. The increase of concentration of household dust allergens may lead to exacerbation of allergies, asthma, or even you may need hospitalisation. Therefore, by all means, avoid contact with allergens.

Enjoy your life!

Getting rid of allergens from the environment eliminates or minimises the occurrence of troublesome symptoms. Traditional methods used in daily cleaning do not allow for complete elimination of allergenic substances. In addition, microparticles float in the air, which may affect the severity of symptoms. Using Alertex® products will effectively reduce the concentration of allergens at home, and thus will not allow an allergy to develop.

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